iVend Retail

iVend Retail - An integrated omnichannel solution

For the way retailers work today

In today’s fast-moving retail market consumers hold the power. Keeping them engaged and satisfied means being present in as many places as possible.

This is no small challenge for retailers, as the connected shopper wants to interact with them everywhere – at work, at home, in-store, on the move – and expects a consistent experience at every touch point.
Delivering to these complex expectations means putting customers at the heart of the business, and sourcing solutions that provide one view of shoppers and what they want.

iVend Retail’s integrated solution enables retailers to maximize heir sales and margin potential by delivering a seamless shopping experience across all channels. With iVend Retail,
it is possible to develop a truly omnichannel strategy that recognizes and rewards shoppers wherever they interact.

How to keep omnichannel customers happy

Shoppers want an omnichannel experience; our research shows that more than half believe it would be helpful if retailers had one view of them across all channels.

iVend Retail is the most advanced omnichannel solution available to retailers. It enables 360 degree visibility of your inventory and customer activity, in order to:

• Integrate online and offline shopping, allowing customers to research, buy and - if necessary - return goods anywhere

• Sell more inventory at full price, increasing margin and reducing clearance markdowns

• Create multichannel loyalty programs that incentivize customers equally, wherever they shop

• Increase the product knowledge, recommendations and guidance available to store associates

iVend Retail supports more  sales-driving initiatives than any other system

Designed to meet the needs of omnichannel shoppers, iVend Retail consists of 7 modules, which can be configured alongside any ERP or merchandise management system.

iVend Retail - An Enterprise Class Retail Application Suite

iVend Retail’s cloud-based solution is designed for flexible deployment. Add modules on an ‘as needed’ basis to grow insights and capabilities alongside your company.