Differentiating your meetings and events demands preparation, and for venues of all shapes and sizes, from hotels and conference centers to restaurants and function facilities, this means focusing on the venue selection and planning process itself as a service. Providing information on function room capacity and set-up options enhances the planning and selection process for your prospective customer.

Newmarket's Diagrams is a powerful vector-based design application that empowers hospitality professionals to quickly, easily and accurately generate customized floor plans and setups for meetings and events. With this powerful application, you will save time and generate increased revenue at your property by presenting your customers with a vivid diagram that clearly captures each detail of the desired event setup to ensure that your customer's event is a world class experience.
Differentiate the planning experience by providing customized room diagrams and showcasing your most compelling function and catering capabilities

Key Benefits

  • Assure that your function space is used to full capacity with Diagrams' capability to match guest numbers with the most appropriate function rooms and setup types
  • Upsell additional services using Diagrams Guest Event Module (GEM), including importing guest lists and creating table tents and name tags