Professional and personal event planners are finding a multitude of new ways to solicit interest and bids from hotels and other venues, causing dramatic shifts in distribution and lead generation processes in the hospitality industry. Online channels are springing up almost daily, adding complexity to the already crowded world of phone inquiries, branded web sites, and online meeting planning and RFP aggregation sites.

MeetingBroker puts powerful channel management tools into the hands of hospitality professionals. A web-based information service that distributes and manages leads from multiple business channels, MeetingBroker provides consistent response from anywhere in your organization. MeetingBroker receives requests for proposals (RFPs) sent by meeting planners and provides a suite of online tools to more quickly assign, respond to, and analyze these leads.
MeetingBroker is designed to meet the needs of all types of hospitality providers, including:

Single properties or locations that want to extend their reach in the marketplace and take advantage of online lead sources

Multi-property or multi-location groups seeking to speed response times and promote internal referrals of group business

Any hospitality company seeking increased confidence in its ability to capture and respond to all relevant leads

Key Benefits

· Respond to leads before the competition - Studies have shown that 85% of those who respond first to RFPs win the business

· Assign leads to the correct person the instant the leads are received, thereby eliminating bottlenecks

· Establish business rules that prioritize responses to preferred accounts and automatically escalate a lead until a response is sent

· Analyze and track the sources of leads to determine which distribution channels are producing the most revenues and profits

· Integrate lead management processes with your enterprise systems to be sure that you can track customer information and provide excellent service