Engineering Management System

Empowering Hotels with Technology
Today’s business and leisure travelers are sophisticated, discerning and demanding. To cater to these travelers, hotels have to go beyond the physical attributes of location and design. Service, personalization, recognition, efficiency and a well maintained product are the real drivers of revenue and customer loyalty. The TRITON software system has been developed to address the needs of hotel managers who strive to excel on these parameters. TRITON enables them to create the equivalent of a six sigma process for service and maintenance.

  • FAS Interface
    The FAS Interface enables instant alerts to hotel management and staff in case of any alerts triggered by the hotel’s Fire Alarm System. The alerts to staff can be sent to any type of device (e.g. Pagers, Mobile Phones, DECT Phones) that is connected to TRITON. The system can also alert staff about faulty alarm sensors.

    • BMS Interface
      The BMS Interface facilitates effortless monitoring of the hotel equipment and frees up the engineers to move out of the control room and focus on other important tasks. The interface enhances the performance of the hotel's engineering team by instantly informing them about changes in critical parameters such as chiller temperatures, power surges, water tank levels, elevator movements, etc.

      hotelEMS is a Preventative Maintenance system that provides hotel engineers with a powerful way of maintaining all guest rooms, machinery and equipment at their property. The system automatically reminds them when Preventative Maintenance jobs are due and allows them to track the usage and maintenance status of all equipment. hotelEMS is a hosted service that customers access through an internet browser

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