Customer Relationship Management


CRM or Customer relationship management is a corporate level strategy which focuses on creating and maintaining lasting relationships with its customers. Although there are several commercial CRM software packages in the market not all support CRM strategy. We believe that CRM is not about technology alone it is rather, a holistic change in an organization’s philosophy which places emphasis on the customer.

ShawMan CRM comes with some of the great features and add-on applications, which includes loyalty engine to manage point or point less loyalty, Campaign manager, Customer Service, SMS API’s, Sweepstakes for customer communication and promotion management, Web services for online customer interaction, Gift voucher module and Loyalty Manager for online transaction, Data mining tools like Data warehouse.

Key features of ShawMan CRM


Customer Loyalty Programs - allows the creation and management of simultaneous and multiple Customer Loyalty Programs.


Loyalty Supported - supports tier based Loyalty, Smart card / swipe card based loyalty and Card less loyalty. Parameters to specify different Upgrade / Downgrade / Renew / Expiry rules for each tier.


SMS Interaction - balance and transaction details can be sent on SMS.


Profile Management - captures detailed demographic profile for each customer. To expand the profile, variables and rules for accepting those variables can be defined on the fly through a build and deploy master model.


Add on Card- allow spouse / associates to participate in the program for free or charge. Allows issue and use of temporary paper cards and duration of use. Multiple Add-Ons support for each Loyalty Program.


Business rules - are parameter driven and can include policies such as:


Redemption threshold lower limits for first use or every time use


Number of free add on cards


Amount required to purchase points


Rule for gifting of cards of another program


Purchase Amount require to become member


Multiple promotions - can be defined for each Loyalty Program. These promotions can be defined on any of he following parameters:


Different promotions for each participating M.E’s


Different promotions for each outlets of participating M.E’s


Promotion for Customer Birthday / Spouse Birthday / Anniversary


Promotion for high spenders.


Promotion on highest spend in particular bill.


Promotion for particular period.


Promotion for Settlement types.


Promotion on each Item or group of items in single bill.


Promotion based on customer segment


Reward Gallery - Allows creation and management of Reward gallery. Rules for each reward defined in gallery. Logistics for complete reward management.


Communication through email can be tracked for each communication made with Customer.

CRM Interfaces -  Software

PMS – ShawMan
CFM – ShawMan
KIOSK – ShawMan
VPOS – ShawMan
CFS – ShawMan


CRM Interfaces – Hardware

KIOSK Machine
Smart card readers
Magnetic Swipe Cards
EDC Terminals
Barcode Readers