Gift Voucher Management System




The Gift Voucher Management System records the following details:
Serial number for the Gift voucher being sold.
Date of Issue & Expiry
Detail of Purchaser
Value of the voucher


The Gift Voucher Systems tracks both system generated as well as pre-printed vouchers.

Prevents unnecessary data entry activity at both the sales counter as well as the settlement counter.


a)    Serial number – Serial number is depicted in the form of a barcode this is then captured using and hand held scanner. Data entry required by scanner.

b)    Date of Issue – Can be picked from transaction date.

c)    Date of Expiry – Can be picked from the validity expiry field.

d)    Value of the voucher – From the master.

e)    Name of the Buyer – will have the name of the buyer and classification if the buyer is a walk in or from the corporate relationship of the outlet.

Payment Types

Cash, Credit Card, Cheque & Other vouchers & Authorized letters


The gift voucher system has various security features and can be tracked to prevent misuse and loss.


·         Gift Voucher Inventory

·         Gift voucher sold

·         Sales by Payment types

·         Gift voucher sold and settled.

·         Gift Voucher sold but not settled.

·         Other MIS reports.

. Multi - Company

The System supports multi - company set up and can control gift voucher sales and redemption across multiple outlets.

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