Loyalty Management System

The ShawMan CRM is the foundation software which handles customers effectively through a host of offerings, not forgetting the LOYALTY ENGINE.

Instant Earnings: Customer should be able to earn points at the end of the transaction.

Instant Redemptions: Customer should be able to redeem points for a free meal whenever he likes.

The ShawMan Loyalty System can run on one if the following

- Smart cards

- Magnetic cards

- Mobile Phones

- EDC / POS Terminals

ShawMan Loyalty system is flexible to handle Points or Discounts or combination of both.

The system gives the following details,

- Who (which client)

- What (ate, bought what?)

- When (at what time)

- Where      (which outlet)

- How         (how he settled)

System sends data from all outlets to the HO at the end of the day. This means both earning and redemptions at the various outlets are sent to the Head Office every day.

HO is equipped to have enough reports to analyze the patterns and spending of guests and upgrade who have reached certain criteria.

System gives helpful features like Mail merge for mass mailing campaigns.

Web Connectivity helps Customers to view their Points online.

Points can be credited for usage of the customers.

The ShawMan Loyalty System has following modules,

Customer Care – Which will help the call centre staff to provide important information to the customers at single click?

Customer Website – Website can be created to view the points earned by the customers which can be checked online. Account detail, Promotions Detail can be given on the website.

Gift Voucher – Vouchers can be created, and rules can be defined for them.

Sweepstakes – Raffle Draws can be arranged for the customers.