Debit Card Management System

ShawMan provides you the ability to build your own in-store Smart Debit Cards of different types.

So we have Fixed Value Cards, Flexi Cards, Complimentary Cards, Privilege Cards and even Debit on Credit that in itself is a contradiction in itself but with the focus clearly on the consumer, anything goes so we provide the same.

We call them Smart Debit as we have converted the humble low cost magnetic swipe card into a secure payment mechanism with the added advantage of reusing the same over and over again to reduce the cost per transaction to the least and smallest insignificant amount over your LAN.

Like every other ShawMan application Smart Debit also provides a user management where

Ø Different Roles can be created

Ø Appropriate rights can be assigned to every role using Security Shell

Ø User logins and passwords can be provided to individual users using
User Management. Roles will be assigned to user for every outlet in the same option.

Card Validity

  • Card Validity can be set from one day to as many no. of days.
  • At the time of card issue, it sets the expiry date as per the validity set in the master.
  • Card can be used for consumption, topup or redeemed till this date.
  • Card expiry will get extended at the time of every Topup

Card Value

  • Card value can be fixed or flexible where upper & lower limits can be set.
  • Deposit amount can be defined which will be refundable but non consumable. In the case when guest loses the card, then deposit amount will be retained and rest will be refunded.
  • Min. Charge is the amount which guest will have to consume and wont be refunded.

    Ex. If a card is charged for AED 1000 and has AED 200 has min. charge then in case guest consumes AED 100 and comes for refund he will get AED 900 as refund.

Add – On Charges

  • Entry Charge & Cover Charge – Entry & Cover charge can be configured for every day of week separately for a given period. You can also have different charges for Member / Nonmember - Male / Female / Child.
  • Entry charge is non-refundable, non consumable. Its added at the time of card recharge.
  • Cover charge is non-refundable but consumable. Its also get added on the card at the time recharge.
  • Entry & Cover charges are applied only at the first recharge and not for every topup.

Payment Modes

Following payment modes can be used for charging a card.

    • Cash
    • Credit Card
    • Cheque
    • Party
    • Member
    • Staff
    • Complimentary
    • Room

The amount paid by any mode other than cash will not be refunded

Auto Top-up

Cards can be recharged and issued to the ONCE with a fix amount.

The card holder will be able to consume the same amount every day as the cards will get topped up every day automatically.

Generally such cards are used in cafeterias for employees. If employee is not present the card can be blocked for the day

Card usage across the outlets can be controlled through link card option.

After creating a card type, it needs to be linked to every outlet by specifying the From Date and To Date. After the specified period is over all the cards belonging to that particular card type won’t be accepted in the outlet.

Buzz Guest

At the food counter, if its going to take time for preparing food, guest can move on to another counter. When the food is ready, cashier can go to Buzz Guest option and select the bill no. An SMS will be sent to customer to pick the order from the respective outlet. (For this cashier need to input customer mobile no at the time of issuing the card)

The System supports several features and can be explained in detail…

For more information please contact or call us for a live demo of the product.