Delphi Sales and Catering


Delphi has the power to take your organization to a new level of proactive sales and customer service. Sales directors using Delphi tell us that they can’t imagine life without it. With Delphi, they have visibility, accurate forecasting, and the knowledge to manage their sales team for success. Catering and operations managers can plan, budget, and deliver service accurately and efficiently. Delphi gives executive management the power to achieve synergies across the entire organization, seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems, and improve return on assets and investment.


  • Delphi is tried and tested in the marketplace. Many hospitality professionals use Delphi today, making it easier to ramp up and experience benefits quickly. Our investment in Delphi continuously adds features and functionality, resulting in an application that is fast and responsive, generates valuable reports, and provides a global view of the enterprise. The latest version of Delphi, Delphi® with the Interactive Open NetworkTM, is our most powerful offering yet.


  • Delphi is designed to meet the needs of different types and sizes of hospitality companies, including:
  • Single properties or locations that need best-in-class sales and catering automation scaled to their needs
  • Groups of multiple properties or locations seeking a single system that supports cross-selling and shared account management
  • Large hospitality companies that need to extend visibility and account control across their entire enterprise, whether across town, throughout the country, or around the world

Key Benefits


Manage and respond to RFPs from within Delphi

Dashboards and tools that give you complete control over the sales environment

The Power BEO, Delphi’s flexible and functional menu and resource tracking capability that tracks every detail of a function

Management tools and reporting that enable you to quote the most profitable prices over a period of dates, with constant visibility into pace and performance against goals

Seamless integration with Newmarket’s room diagramming, electronic proposal, business intelligence, and online channel management applications

Seamless integration with your other critical hospitality applications such as PMS, EMS and RMS to name a few

Direct online connectivity to customers and prospects through numerous channels