Club Management System

CMS is a Web enabled Club Management software, which helps a Club to manage their Member profiles with electronic card management. CMS also manages the account details of all the members of a club with invoicing features taking care of the AR (Accounts Receivable) of the Club. CMS is integrated with all the operational systems of ShawMan (POS, PMS, Retail Magik) providing end-to-end solution for a Club and is also interfaced with Tally to transfer information for final accounting.

  • Member Profile Management - allows pre-profile management. Apart from this the user can create user defined fields in member profile to capture additional information of Members.
  • Member Electronic Card Management - with options like Issue, Register, Expiry card.
  • Charge Processing Modules – which allows the user to define charges based on user formulas, charges like Subscription, Interest, etc. can be built using this module
  • Invoice Processing & Printing modules – which can be used to generate Invoices for all the members based on their usage of the club. Selective invoices can be printed based on the criteria in Invoice printing.
  • Member Account Details are recorded and displayed whenever required.
  • Interactive Tools like Debtor Ledger & Debtor Ageing are available to access fast and easy Members Information from any Machine, gives interactive & quick information of the Account Details of the Members.
  • Outstanding List provides member wise list of defaulter Members, helps in recovering dues.
  • Member Wise Ageing helps in analyzing the age of Members Outstanding.
  • User Defined Letters facilitates the users to create mail merge within the system using system parameters Label Printing is available for printing labels for all the members based on criteria.
  • Audit Reports available for audit trial.
  • ECS Enabled (Electronic Clearance System) help in electronic clearing from the member bank accounts reducing the manual receipt entries.
  • Kiosk Module - for Members where members can check their Balances and account status by swapping their cards.
  • Web Site Interface data can be transferred to the website so that the information is available on the Net to the members.
  • Tally Interface data from CMS is transferred to Tally for final accounting.