Golf Management System

GMS is divided into different modules depending on the various activities of the Golf Club. The major activities of a Golf Club are
Handicap Calculation of all their Players/Members, Time Sheet/Slot Booking Module, Tournament Management Module. All the modules of GMS are designed and developed to take care of all these activities of the Golf Club.

Master Module

All different type of Masters of the system can be defined in the Master Module. Masters like Player, Player Type, Charge, Activity, Score Type, Course, Tee, Hole can be created here. Course rating and the slope rating of the Course can be defined in the Course Master.

Player Master

All the Players of the Golf Club are created here, all information of the players can be entered in this master like his Date Of Birth, Player Type, Validate etc.. Latest Handicap is updated from the Handicap process which can be viewed here.

Handicap module

Handicap module is used to process the latest handicap of the Players based on the last 20 and best 10 scores, the formulas used in this module are as per the USGA standards. This module consists of Score Card Issue entry – used to issue the score cards, Daily Score Entry – used to enter the scores of the members in the system, Player Details – for MIS of Player details, MIS – For MIS reports for usage of the Golf Courses, frequency of the Players, Handicap Process to process the handicaps of the Players.

Score Entry

This is the score entry screen from where the users can enter their scores in the system, the same data can be pulled into the system via PDA’s, Internet, Kiosk etc... Instead of a manual entry


These are MIS of some of the details of the Players based on their Played details and Handicap processed. Last 20 & Best 10 Scores Reports is used to find the related Scores of the Players. Handicap processed report gives the Player wise handicaps for all Payers. Handicap Lowest Achieved gives payer wise lowest handicap achieved with the Process Id, Date and Processed Handicaps.

Usage of the Golf Courses

These are the MIS of the usage of the Golf Courses by the Players, Hole wise Scores Average give the average Score made by various players on the different holes of the Golf Course. Frequency reports is used to find the usage of the Golf Course Round wise or Date wise.

Time Sheet Module

This is chart view of the Slot Booking done by the Players Date Wise, Tee Wise, Time Wise. If you click on the Matrix it displays the related booking information of the right hand side. Enquires for Slot booking can be handled from this form and also new bookings can be taken on this form itself.

Tournament Module

Tournament module takes care of all the Tournaments held in the Golf Course right from the Tournament Registration, Draw Sheet to Results calculations based on the parameters set in the Tournament Master. It takes care of all the different types of Tournament formats STROKE PLAY, STABLE FORD, BOGEY.

Tournament master is used to enter the new Tournaments to be held in the Golf Club, Parameters can be set to take care of all the different types of Tournament formats STROKE PLAY, STABLE FORD, BOGEY.

All the MIS related to tournaments is available in Tournament Reports. Entry Sheet for Players register for the Tournament, Registration Cancellations for registration cancellations done, Draw Sheet for Tournaments which Player will play against whom, Tournament Results based on the calculation parameters defined in the Tournament Master, Player Wise Tournaments played all these reports are available in this module.