Home Delivery System

Salient Features of ShawMan Home Delivery System

Ø ShawMan Home Delivery module can be easily interfaced with PABX system for tracking the telephone numbers from where the Customers are calling.

Ø Interface with PABX allows the Restaurant to take lot of reports like Max Sale from certain area, certain building etc. This is a great advantage for Sales increase in popular areas.

Ø Previous Orders of the Customers are stored in the system, so that they can be repeated at any point of time.

Ø These previous orders can be directly printed again if the same order is repeated by the customer, so that the time in re-punching the order is saved drastically.

Ø Home Delivery Module is very flexible in terms of Multi-Tasking, calls can be received and simultaneously orders can be punched too.

If the Head Office is having a call centre for Home Delivery, then System can print the orders directly into the desired outlet, also the bills can be directly printed at the outlet, saving much more operational time

Ø Reporting is the strength of ShawMan Home Delivery System

Ø Various reports can be generated based on lot of criteria like,

Ø Report by Area ( Karama, BurDubai, Dubai Marina, JLT area etc)

Ø Report by Buildings ( How much sales happening with each bldg)

Ø Report by Street

Ø Report by Telephone number starting with ( to run different promotions)

Ø Report by Customers who called in last 10 days ( to know Loyal Customers)

Ø Report by Customers who did not call in last 10 days ( For Customer Feedback)

Many more such reports are available with the system, all these reports are

Customizable according to Client requirements.