Head Office Consolidation

ShawMan HO allows the management company to take total control of the operations. At the HO all the modules viz. POS, MMS and CRM will be implemented. This will then enable HO to track the performance of all outlets and also make changes at the outlet level without any IT professional at the site.

As it is totally configurable, the management will decide how to run the operations. Following is a small work flow for each module

A. Point Of Sale

At the HO a POS will be installed and in this POS various outlets will be created. This would allow management to see the performance of each outlet at the HO itself as all reports will be taken at the HO level.

Daily data will flow at day end from the outlet to the HO will tell the HO the performance of the outlet. In case of any new menu items or sales promotions, HO will do the changes and transfer this data to the outlet thus enabling total control.

B. Materials Management System

MMS will be implemented at the HO and this will allow the HO to do Central Purchasing. The outlets will be given a “MMS Lite” where by they can do limited functionality but cannot create any Masters. This would allow the outlets to make Requisitions and GRN’s and this data will be transmitted to the HO. If the HO makes any PO’s where the suppliers are sending goods to the outlet directly the same will be transmitted to the outlets and after the GRN is made at the HO the data will come back to the HO.

Besides this MMS will allow Inventory to be managed at the HO / Warehouse level as well as the outlet level. The Recipe will have to be defined (again a function which should be limited to the HO) and this will give an accurate cost of the recipe which will be picked up from the purchasing module of the software.