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ShawMan HRIS today …

In today’s corporate world, no organization can afford to take its Human Resources for granted, leave alone ignoring this valuable asset.

The time has come to recognize the fact that Payroll software alone can achieve little in ensuring that employees are scientifically guided in their career paths and ensuring that where as the best talent has to be retained, others need to be groomed to take over the mantle that will fall vacant one day.

The ShawMan HRIS today is a mature product in its seventh major version release. It offers one the choice of starting small and continuing to grow big without the hassles normally associated with migration from small solutions to large data warehouses.

In as much as the solution is holistic in nature, the ShawMan HRIS team is continuously upgrading the solution with a dedicated 8 member team who are working around the clock to release the next version and which as per ShawMan’s free lifetime upgrades corporate philosophy is given to all existing clients.

Again, having serviced the most demanding service “Hospitality” & “Service” Industry which functions around the clock, 365 days and believes in the service philosophy of the “guest is always right”, the client is encouraged to participate in a “wish list” which culminates into converting desired features into the next versions at no extra cost. State of the art electronic remote support is also offered to all clients.

Of the several modules and features that are generally available in any HRIS software, what sets ShawMan HRIS apart is a certain philosophy that zeros in on the employee and makes them the center of all activities.

This enables departmental heads to selectively view and work on information pertaining to their own department / grade employees only.

The system supervisor can certainly set rights and attributes of any HR function but restricted to departments and grades and allocate such a security shell to each departmental head thus ensuring that sensitive information is not made available to undesirable elements.

The Em-plorer (Employee explorer interface) view can again be customized per person to view information of this selected user group and one can directly launch any and all tasks pertaining to this employee group from this HR desktop interface.

An element of workflow that connects different HR functions to each other has been achieved through connectivity of tasks.

A graphical training planner, a comprehensive career history, disciplinary and separation modules are all available to the HR department as standard tools to help in their daily tasks.

Yet another power tool is the "global query" that has managed to fingerprint each and every data field and which is available to a base user to map using a very simple interface.

The outputs of all reports can be viewed using an internal viewer yet is available as a Seagate Crystal output, as well as an output that can be viewed in Word, Excel (Lotus products also supported) or as an HTML document and directly emailed to executives frequently on the move. Again graphs and drill downs are automatic and feature as standard MIS related functions.

The web enabled “thin client” modules allow the unrestricted creation and flow of HR related information over the web from a global depository of information. Similarly the all new 360-degree appraisal engine, head hunting, advance leave management are all integral modules of the ShawMan HRIS.

The ShawMan HRIS is Industry specific, YOUR INDUSTRY, since we have a user defined template that allows YOU to customize the data elements needed to manage your employees, ShawMan’s HRIS will always remain specific and totally customized to your environment and needs.

ShawMan Human Resource Information System Salient Features

• Generic support for third party payroll software

• Recognizes internal Windows set-ups for currency and time formats, printers, etc.

• User customizable desktop

• Em-plorer ShawMan Employee Explorer interface

• Graphical Training Planner

• Quick Report Launcher with Advanced Query support

• Report outputs in Crystal 8.5 / HTML / VFP Report Writer

• User definable Query supporting 300 plus criteria

• Mail Merge, Label Printing

• Help – Extensive Electronic Manual

• User definable Security Shell extending to functions, tasks, departments, designations and grades

• Built in System maintenance tools like user audit, system audit and space audit.

• Powerful in built connectivity tool links multiple units to head quarters

• Remote synchronization of critical masters and set-ups from head quarters.

• Auto migration of deputed employee files.

• Suite of utilities including calendar, calculator, clock, reminder.

• Remote software maintenance through intelligent service pack control.

• Auto synchronization of client side nodes over network helps in minimizing administration