Alternative Dining Selects ShawMan Restaurant Management System

Alternative Dining Experience L.L.C, originated in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 and has a vision to be a market leader in the Restaurant Services and Operations by major expansion plans.

Offering alternative concepts to customers, creating innovative and exciting new segments in dining, entering into Regional and Global Joint Ventures, and finally franchising these concepts are the few ways which will ensure the Company’s growth.

The Company’s strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently on high-quality food and service, serving generous portions at moderate prices in distinctly designed restaurants.

The Company drives the long term vision and growth opportunities, due to its vast experience in the food and beverage industry in U.A.E by offering the best choice in dining to the customers and establishing well known concepts throughout the region.

Alternative Dining Experience selected ShawMan Restaurant Management System for their outlet operations and CRUX Material Management System for their back office inventory control, food costing and recipe control operations after a lot of deliberations and several rounds of evaluation of various available systems in the market.

Today Alternative Dining Experience has deployed ShawMan POS at their concepts namely Dukan Falafel & Tawasey Gourmet Dining and soon will expand to their other concepts such as Tandoor Trail & ChiNoodles….



Travel Food Services Oman

Travel Food Services is distinguished by its transformative Food and Beverage experience. With an emphasis on constant innovation, TFS plans to extend its unmatched quality, service and delivery to other avenues of travel.

By extending its focus to roadways, highways, railways and metro stations, TFS intends to reach over 140 million passengers with its distinct and varied offerings.

These initiatives will enable TFS to cover the entire gamut of travel infrastructure across regions and provide travellers and partners with the ultimate food and beverage experience.

In this day and age, airports and other travel and transit venues are melting pots of diverse cultures and identities where people from varied walks of life congregate. For frequent travelers, these venues are often like a second home. At TFS we always endeavor to create solutions that provide travelers with greater choice, comfort and convenience. We are constantly working to dispel the notion that extra time at transit venues can be tedious and taxing and are actively changing the very way in which people perceive travel.

In their expansion plan Travel Food Services recently won contracts to extend its operation in Muscat and Salalah Airports in Oman.

ShawMan’s – Restaurant Management System is provided and supported by Wide Computer Systems Dubai in the entire Middle East region. This major factor of local support coupled with the strength of the solution to control their entire operations in the Middle East was the major decisive factor leading to selecting ShawMan & WIDE as their technology partners in this region.


Integral Food Services - Qatar: A CASE REPORT


Integral Food Services – Qatar started using ShawMan POS in March 2011, it replaced their existing system and since then has grown from their one concept to all concepts spread over Qatar and  has plans to expand further into other GCC countries.

Solution provided:

The ShawMan point of sale for casual dining and multiple concepts - outlets with centralized head office control.

CRUX Material Management System for managing the inventories, food costing and recipe control system.

The need was to extend security shell to stores, cost centers and profit centers; monitoring inter outlet and inter store transfer of semi finished goods; provision to receive non—stock daily purchase items and auto issuing to the cost centers and profit centers; creation of standing purchase order for rate contracted items; budgeting for consumption heads which helps in cost control and recipe management.


The solution has benefited the organization in areas like centralized control over all outlets for pricing, menu mix, inventory and cost management and centralized reporting at single location. Other benefits include franchisee management and control; speed and efficiency of service  using technology, such as remote printing, hand held order systems and complete audit trail of all user activity, quick navigation to options via quick search;  auto generation of document number; supplier and raw material codes; linking raw materials to multiple stores; online information of items in stock at any point of time; version control maintained of the service packs sent/updated for maintaining system integrity; online database structure / service pack updates; materials movement between multiple warehouses, cost centers, profit centers across multiple units and companies; document generation supports secure and multi-level authorization workflow which includes requisitions, issues, transfers and returns, indents and purchase orders and automated features.