Travel Food Services Oman

Travel Food Services is distinguished by its transformative Food and Beverage experience. With an emphasis on constant innovation, TFS plans to extend its unmatched quality, service and delivery to other avenues of travel.

By extending its focus to roadways, highways, railways and metro stations, TFS intends to reach over 140 million passengers with its distinct and varied offerings.

These initiatives will enable TFS to cover the entire gamut of travel infrastructure across regions and provide travellers and partners with the ultimate food and beverage experience.

In this day and age, airports and other travel and transit venues are melting pots of diverse cultures and identities where people from varied walks of life congregate. For frequent travelers, these venues are often like a second home. At TFS we always endeavor to create solutions that provide travelers with greater choice, comfort and convenience. We are constantly working to dispel the notion that extra time at transit venues can be tedious and taxing and are actively changing the very way in which people perceive travel.

In their expansion plan Travel Food Services recently won contracts to extend its operation in Muscat and Salalah Airports in Oman.

ShawMan’s – Restaurant Management System is provided and supported by Wide Computer Systems Dubai in the entire Middle East region. This major factor of local support coupled with the strength of the solution to control their entire operations in the Middle East was the major decisive factor leading to selecting ShawMan & WIDE as their technology partners in this region.