Alternative Dining Selects ShawMan Restaurant Management System

Alternative Dining Experience L.L.C, originated in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 and has a vision to be a market leader in the Restaurant Services and Operations by major expansion plans.

Offering alternative concepts to customers, creating innovative and exciting new segments in dining, entering into Regional and Global Joint Ventures, and finally franchising these concepts are the few ways which will ensure the Company’s growth.

The Company’s strategy is to differentiate its restaurants by emphasizing consistently on high-quality food and service, serving generous portions at moderate prices in distinctly designed restaurants.

The Company drives the long term vision and growth opportunities, due to its vast experience in the food and beverage industry in U.A.E by offering the best choice in dining to the customers and establishing well known concepts throughout the region.

Alternative Dining Experience selected ShawMan Restaurant Management System for their outlet operations and CRUX Material Management System for their back office inventory control, food costing and recipe control operations after a lot of deliberations and several rounds of evaluation of various available systems in the market.

Today Alternative Dining Experience has deployed ShawMan POS at their concepts namely Dukan Falafel & Tawasey Gourmet Dining and soon will expand to their other concepts such as Tandoor Trail & ChiNoodles….